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High Desert Opera is thrilled to have your support. You can make a donation of your choosing at any time during the year to help with the costs of putting on professional, high-quality, fully-staged shows.

Annual donor drives

Each year HDO organizes an annual donor drive in the Fall to help raise funds to put on quality productions at local theaters. However, your monetary contribution at ANY time during the season goes directly towards putting on fully-staged shows.

Our 20th Annual Donor Drive

Last year, HDO was able to produce a fully-staged reprise production of MAMMA MIA! following the battle with the COVID-19 pandemic. That production couldn't have been possible without donor and patron support - especially under the circumstances.

This Season, the troupe has special reason to celebrate and to take the stage, as 20 seasons of professional opera and musical theater is upon us.

Help support the production of NUNSENSE

HDO is bringing the whacky and fun-filled show NUNSENSE to the Grand Valley - returning to the Avalon Theatre for the first time in years. This production is not without its challenges, particularly in regards to show budget expenses, and your support is pivotal in making the show a success.

"Ticket sales alone can’t pay all the bills for our wonderful shows. We are proud of our 20 year reputation for paying our cast, crew, and musicians while managing our donated funds with integrity and resourcefulness. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to support this show." ~ Marnie Werner, Executive Director

2 ways to make your donation:


Make a quick paperless donation online by clicking the button below. You will be taken to a secure PayPal window where you can enter a donation amount of your choice.


Send a check to High Desert Opera by good old-fashioned mail.

  • Make the check payable to: HIGH DESERT OPERA
  • And mail it to: 3456 C 3/4 Rd, Palisade, CO 81526

High Desert Opera is a registered Colorado 501(c)3
nonprofit corporation. All donations are tax deductible