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Production Sponsorship

High Desert Opera likes to shine the light on its donors and sponsors, particularly those that sponsor or co-sponsor productions.

Mamma Mia! - sponsored by...

High Desert Opera is grateful to the following persons/entities for their production sponsorship of our most recent Broadway Musical extravaganza:

Meet Michael and Family Health West

Family Health West has remained on the leading edge of rural healthcare services for over 70 years. The original 20-bed hospital was the result of a community effort to provide health care for residents of rural Mesa County. Local farmers and ranchers drove to Utah and brought back loads of bricks and supplies to build the hospital. Over the next three decades the hospital endured because of the community's commitment and dedication to maintaining local health care.

Today, Family Health West has grown to become a comprehensive provider of healthcare services, offering a Continuum of Care through their full-service hospital, elder care facilities, a range of outpatient services and physician practices.

Led by Dr. Michael Neste, Medical Director of Radiology and long-time High Desert Opera supporter, Colorado Canyons Hospital & Medical Center was the first in the Grand Valley to offer 3D Mammography, a much more precise and efficient diagnostic tool. This is just one example of Family Health West's commitment to providing patients with the best care, services and technology available. And all of these services have one thing in common: a more than half-century legacy of serving Grand Valley families with home-town care and a culture of caring you'll find nowhere else.

Meet Steve & Sybille Doyle

“Our fifteen years in the Grand Valley have showered us with many blessings. High Desert Opera is certainly one of them."

Steve & his wife Sibylle moved to Glade Park in 2003 after twenty years in Manhattan where Mr. Doyle worked as a commodity trader in the energy sector. Steve started Doyle Trading Consultants LLC - hiring seven CMU grads along the way - while Sibylle continued her passion as an expert in human energy (shiatsu, accupressure, etc.). Steve sold his business in 2013 and started a smaller consulting firm (BtuBaron LLC) to occupy himself in between his rounds of golf, hiking with Sibylle and his High Desert Opera productions!

Recalling his inspiration to join the theater trouple, after speaking himself hoarse from his week-long commodity trading workshops around the globe, Steve called James (Jim) Werner out of the blue in 2004 for voice lessons. After his second lesson, he was asked if he was interested in singing in an opera (Tales of Hoffman)! That began a "wonderful musical awakening" and a commitment to be involved in HDO's on-stage efforts.

"Jim and Marnie Werner are among the many treasures in the Grand Valley. HDO president (& maestro) Scott Betts is the third leg of this masterpiece. Their artistic vision and professionalism have delighted & inspired so many singers, actors and theatergoers. They do so much with so little and deserve all the financial support our community can give provide.”

Meet Chuck & Robbie Breaux

Chuck & Robbie

Chuck is the only pediatric surgeon on the Western Slope and is thus very busy with his day (and often night) job. He has sung in the High Desert Opera chorus since 2006 and has also been a member of the Schumann Singers and the St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church (SMEC) choir.

Robbie is enjoying her third career as a ceramic artist. Before that, she spent 17 years managing Chuck’s practice and the Pediatric Specialty Clinic at St. Mary’s Hospital. And before that, she was a hospital pharmacist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Medical Center while Chuck was in training there before they moved to the Grand Valley in 1996. Robbie has also sung with the Schumann Singers and is a pianist/organist and choir member at SMEC. She also serves or has served on the boards of the Western Colorado Center for the Arts (“The Art Center”), The Art Center Foundation, The Avalon Theatre Foundation, Legends Historic Sculpture Project, Art on the Corner, MusicSpark, Western Colorado Local Advisory Committee for Rocky Mountain PBS, and Colorado Creative Industries.

Chuck and Robbie feel that their special philanthropic niche is in the musical, performing, and visual arts, and they support local non-profit organizations in those fields. They were founding and are ongoing donors to HDO, and they invite you to join them in support of this “fine local cultural organization.” In addition, they encourage you to support other local non-profit organizations that align with your passions.