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Production Sponsorship

High Desert Opera likes to shine the light on its donors and sponsors, particularly those that sponsor or co-sponsor productions.

17th Season - sponsored by...

High Desert Opera is grateful to the following persons/entities for their production sponsorship of our last production The Wizard Of OZ:

The Guys Giving Club

This club meets just four times a year. At each meeting members are invited to nominate a local charity of their choice. Three of those nominees are chosen by random. The person who placed the nomination then speaks briefly about "why" they chose that non-profit. A vote is taken and a winner chosen. Each Guys Giving Club (GGC) member is then asked to write a $100 check to that non-profit. The money is collected and given to that charity. No administrative fees, no strings attached, no tickets to sell, no cookies to deliver.

This last November, the Guys Giving Club nominated 3 different non-profits, and for the second time in the group's history, there was a tie.

They flipped a coin, and High Desert Opera won the toss, receiving a $10000 donation in the form of a surprise production sponsorship for The Wizard Of OZ.

Since 2015, the Guys Giving Club, founded by Kevin VanGundy that year, has donated over $153,000 to worthy Mesa County organizations

Stephen Doyle - GGC member and performer

Mr. Doyle, whose support and enthusiasm for the performing arts, namely High Desert Opera, has been unwavering for years, is a member of the Guys Giving Club, and was ecstatic about the troupe's nomination for recipient of this year's donation.

Steve has performed in numerous HDO productions throughout the 17 seasons of its existence, and he will be seen on the stage this winter, joining a large cast of local vocalists and live orchestra in a presentation of the timeless classic The Wizard Of OZ.

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Meet Michael and Family Health West

Family Health West has remained on the leading edge of rural healthcare services for over 70 years. The original 20-bed hospital was the result of a community effort to provide health care for residents of rural Mesa County. Local farmers and ranchers drove to Utah and brought back loads of bricks and supplies to build the hospital. Over the next three decades the hospital endured because of the community's commitment and dedication to maintaining local health care.

Today, Family Health West has grown to become a comprehensive provider of healthcare services, offering a Continuum of Care through their full-service hospital, elder care facilities, a range of outpatient services and physician practices.

Led by Dr. Michael Neste, Medical Director of Radiology and long-time High Desert Opera supporter, Colorado Canyons Hospital & Medical Center was the first in the Grand Valley to offer 3D Mammography, a much more precise and efficient diagnostic tool. This is just one example of Family Health West's commitment to providing patients with the best care, services and technology available. And all of these services have one thing in common: a more than half-century legacy of serving Grand Valley families with home-town care and a culture of caring you'll find nowhere else.

Visit Family Health West