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Production recap - "Hansel & Gretel"

Hansel & Gretel: the performers

The Music Man

Summer 2015 production

The roles of Hansel and Gretel were played by adult opera professionals Danielle Greiner and Karla M. Hughes. Danielle took the High Desert Opera stage for the first time, fulfilling the role of Hansel, while Karla M. Hughes portrayed Gretel. You can learn more about these vocalists in their respective bio sections on this page.

Thank you to Chuck & Robbie Breaux

This production was sponsored in part by Chuck & Robbie Breaux. They have been involved with High Desert Opera for years. You may remember having seen Chuck on stage in HDO's most recent production "Guys & Dolls" last winter.

Audience comments

Want production photos?

Professional photos from "Hansel & Gretel" are available through local professional photographer George Brown.

The photos are professional quality and modest in cost. Whether you were a performer on the stage or an HDO patron in the audience, these photos help celebrate wonderful memories from the production.

Contact George by email - photoman534@gmail.com



Principal cast

Hansel & Gretel