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Ticket store GUIDELINES

If you are having trouble ordering tickets online to "MAMMA MIA!," this page will help

Assisting you with your ticket purchase

On this page you will find step-by-step instructions for navigating the ticket store, answers to ferquently asked questions, and other ways to purchase tickets to High Desert Opera's upcoming production.

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Online ticket purchasing: Step-by-step

Use these guidelines to navigate the ticket store more easily and get yourself a seat to the show!

  • 1. Determine which seating area you wish to sit in for the show using the seating chart as your guide.
  • 2. Use the price legend to find out how much your ticket will cost.
  • 3. Scroll down the page until you find the ticket option that matches the price of the seating area you want (if you are a senior or a child under 13, find the discount ticket option for that section)
  • 4. Select which date/performance you would like to attend from the dropdown menu above the ticket button.
  • 5. Click the "Add to Cart" button (all credit cards are accepted).
  • 6. A Paypal window will open and display your cart (on this page you can enter the number of tickets at that price that you would like to purchase).
  • 7. If you want other tickets to other seating areas, simply return to the ticket store and repeat steps 1-6. Your Paypal cart will update accordingly.
  • 8. Proceed through Paypal's payment process until your order is complete.
  • YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL from the box office once your order has been completed

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Ticket store FAQ

Have a question regarding High Desert Opera's ticket store? Your answer might be right here. If not, call the box office between 10:00 a m and 2:00 pm Monday through Friday

  • Q - If the ticket store is not working (or PayPal cart will not load), what do I do?

    A - If the store is not working properly for you, call the HDO Box Office and let us know. They can assist you with a ticket order over the phone and pass your message on to HDO's web manager. FOR MAC or iOS users: PayPal issues have been experienced by users using such devices, and HDO is working to fix all glitches. In the meantime it is recommended that you contact the box office

    Q - Can I choose a particular seat (for example L 26) for the show when I purchase tickets?

    A - You may only choose a seating section (which is equivalent to the ticket price you select). If you would like a particular seat, you must contact the HDO Box Office or choose from the tickets available at Roper Music.

  • Q - Why can't I choose my own seat?

    A - High Desert Opera operates on a tight budget, and hasn't received the donation necessary to allow for the investment of interactive software for individual seating.

  • Q - Can I purchase more than one of a specifically-priced ticket?

    A - Yes. When you click "Add to Cart" on any of the ticket options (or prices) a Paypal window will automatically open to display your cart. There you can select the number of tickets you want at that price. NOTE - the PayPal process may vary or be different on your mobile device.

  • Q - If I select a ticket at one price and the paypal window opens, can I go back and add a differently-priced ticket to the same cart?

    A -  Yes. Once you select your first ticket, a paypal window will automatically open and display your cart. Simply return to the ticket store to select additional tickets of different prices. Your PayPal cart will update itself to display your new additions and your updated total. NOTE - the Paypal process may vary or be different on your mobile device.

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Other ways to purchase tickets

If you would prefer not to get your tickets online, consider these other options for purchasing tickets to the show.

BY PHONE - 970-523-9605

To order by phone, call the HDO Box Office between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm Monday thru Friday. When you order over the phone with a credit card, you CAN request specific seats!


ROPER MUSIC - 1224 N 25th St in Grand Junction

Visit Roper Music at its new location to purchase tickets during normal business hours. Only cash or checks are accepted at Roper Music. Get Directions

- ROPER MUSIC HAS A LIMITED SELECTION OF TICKETS (about 20% of entire selection).

- YOU CAN CALL ROPER MUSIC AT 970-242-3272 for closing times as they vary during winter business hours

AT THE DOOR - 1 hour before curtain

If you need last-minute tickets or decide to get them at the theater on the day of the show, a ticket table will be available in the lobby 1 hour before the beginning of the show.

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